Risk of explosion from red hot gas cylinder as firefighters tackled blaze

By Russ Lawrence in Local People

Firefighters faced the risk of a large butane gas cylinder exploding as they battled a blaze in a metal storage shed behind a secondhand car dealers this afternoon (Thusrday).

The fire at the rear of Auto 2000 Prestige Cars in Windmill Hill caused disruption to traffic with roads closed as a safety precaution.

Daniel Alie, manager at Southgate Fire station and Enfield and Barnet’s Fire Safety Liaison Officer, attended.

He said the blaze had initially started after an unattended drum in which rubbish was being burned overturned with the flames spreading to the storage shed.

The shed, he said , was filled with tons of rubbish.

“While tackling the blaze, crews fortunately spotted the cylinder among the rubbish. It had become dangerously hot having reached a temperature, we estimate, of around 200 degrees.

“When they become that hot there is the potential for them to explode and we quickly trained powerful jets of water on it to cool it down and prevent it from igniting.”

He said there were some reports of members of the public hearing little blasts before fire crews had arrived .

He said he suspected they would have been other butane cannisters much smaller than the one found in the shed which had exploded due to the heat.

More than 20 firefighters tackle the blaze with four pumps attending m two from Enfield, one from Edmonton and another from Walthamstow fire station

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