Travellers will be moved on imminently, say Enfield council

By Clare Casey in Local People

COUNCIL officers are poised to evict a group of travellers who are living illegally on land next to Albany Park in Enfield.

About ten caravans and vans pitched up on disused land on the corner of Bell Lane and Brimsdown Avenue three days ago.

Since then neighbours - fed up with fly-tipping and noise from the site – have been contacting Enfield police and the council asking for help to get rid of the families.

A council spokesman said their removal was imminent.

He told the Advertiser: “We are aware of the problem and are working to move travellers on as a matter of urgency.”

One of the founders of We Love Our Highway, facebook group, Danielle Lewis, said:

“Obviously it’s unfair for the people who pay their taxes to have all this rubbish dumped on the site.

“But they tend to keep themselves to themselves. What we would really like to see is if the council could find them a bit of derelict land where they could go, because just moving them on all the time doesn’t fix the problem.

“There’s a place called Fern Hill in Harlow where there is a permanent traveller site that’s run by the council.

“We need something like that here, because whoever you are and wherever you’re from you need a place to call home.”

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